Building Your Child's Strategy

Crimson Rise is packaged into two segments:

Strategy and Instruction

The strategy segment is ongoing and constant throughout the Crimson Rise program, while the instruction segments will occur at different intervals, depending on which services you wish to undertake.

Crimson Rise strategists act as a guide through one of the most complicated times in a student’s life, answering questions, imparting life lessons, and providing invaluable advice and encouragement. This assistance includes:

  • Building and maintaining good study habits.
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses to help generate concrete academic goals that will prepare students for success in high school.
  • Evaluating extracurricular activities and helping to strategize additions, subtractions and improvements.
  • Strategically choosing, applying to, and deriving value from summer and alternative programs.


Selecting Your Child’s Instructional Segments

Below is a list of instructional segments offered through Crimson Rise. Students are not limited in the number of courses they may participate in. Each course is designed to focus on particular aspects of the application process and works to prepare students well in advance for what’s to come in their final year of high school.